Okay so I done goofed. My planner was supposed to be delivered today, but campus mailing services is closed on Saturday, so back to the FedEx holding facility it went. Thinking this holding facility was the one in town, I changed my delivery options to “Hold at Facility” because I was thinking hey, the FedEx office in town doesn’t close until 9:00pm, and it’s only 8 right now. So I clicked it, and rushed on down to the FedEx store, hoping I could actually get my planner a few days early.

No such luck. They told me that I would have had to select “Hold at Facility” before the package had attempted to be delivered.

Soooooo now I think I will be waiting until Tuesday to get my planner 😦


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  1. Oh! You poor thing! I got mine yesterday and actually screamed in delight. I’m already planning my first week for July. It’s so exciting and my friend is getting a Lilly Pulitzer planner, so we are going to compare our planners when she gets hers. Hopefully soon. I am going to be uploading my planner unboxing blog post. I decided to just take pictures than do a video on my kindle fire. That thing is awkward to film with.

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